Drag-and-Drop Programming For The Raspberry Pi Pico

Piper Make is a drag-and-drop coding application for the Raspberry Pi Pico that is free to use.

Drag-and-Drop Programming For The Raspberry Pi Pico

Piper, Inc., an Edtech, unveiled this entirely new browser-based coding platform on #PiDay. If you already own a Raspberry Pi Pico, go to to try out the coding app for free.

Pico will help you complete coding challenges.

As you complete each coding challenge, you can learn about circuits and sensors.
Pico expansion by SB Components

The block coding world encourages you to take on a variety of challenges. When you successfully blink an LED, the next challenge becomes available to you. Every month, new tasks are announced, and it's a perfect way to direct your learning while still giving you a feeling of accomplishment when you complete each mission.
Raspberry Pi Pico-friendly drag-n-drop coding tool
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Things You'll Need for Pico Drag n Drop Coding

To complete these challenges, you'll need some equipment. The components you'll need are simple to get, and they're likely to be items you already have lying around if you like tinkering, but if you're new to coding and don't have a garage full of trinkets, Piper makes it simple. Join their Makers Club to get a one-time Starter Kit that includes a Raspberry Pi Pico, LEDs, resistors, switches, and cables.
If you join Piper's Monthly Makers Club, you'll get the Starter Kit as well as new hardware every month to help you complete the current challenge. Every Raspberry Pi Pico board comes pre-loaded with Piper Make firmware, allowing you to plug and play.
Trying out the traffic light challenge with the Starter Kit
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You don't need to sign up if you already have stuff like a breadboard, LEDs, and so on. Dive right in to begin working on the problems.

I have a Raspberry Pi Pico device. How can I proceed?

Before we begin, keep in mind that when you first arrive at the Piper Make landing page, do not press the ‘Getting Started' button. First and foremost, you must configure your Pico, so scroll down and click ‘Configure my Pico.' You're ready to go after you've completed the step.

Project Credit & Author: Ashley Whittaker

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