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Learn IoT "Internet of Things" with 24 lessons for Teachers and Students

 Do you want to become involved in the Internet of Things but aren't sure where to begin? Microsoft has created a fun and free game exclusively for you. We'll let you know about their fresh new online IoT beginner's programme. We'll go through the new curriculum for IoT novices in this article.

Learn IoT "Internet of Things" with 24 lessons for Teachers and Students

Intro IoT "Internet of Things" 

IoT — the Internet of Things — is one of the most rapidly growing areas of technology, and it excites me much. Start with a device like a Raspberry Pi, add some sensors, some code, and some cloud services, and voila! Smart cities, self-driving vehicles, automated farming, robotic supermarkets, and gadgets that clean your toilet when you yell at Alexa for the third time are all on the horizon.

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It's a free, open source, university-level IoT curriculum created by IoT professionals, educators, and students for tutors and learners.

What will you discover?

The courses are organised into projects that you can create with a Raspberry Pi to help you delve further into IoT use cases, such as tracking food from farm to table.

You'll create projects while learning about IoT devices, sensors, actuators, and the cloud, such as:

A soil moisture sensor controls a relay in this automatic watering system. This begins on your device alone, then progresses to a free MQTT broker to enable cloud management. It then moves on to cloud-based IoT services, where it adds security safeguards to prevent Farmer Giles from hacking your irrigation system.

The route followed by a GPS-based car tracker is shown on a map. Using cloud-based mapping services and serverless programming, you may receive notifications when a truck carrying food arrives at a certain place.

Checking the quality of fruits using AI using your device's camera. You train AI models to determine whether or not fruit is ripe. These begin in the cloud and are then moved to the edge, where they are run directly on your Raspberry Pi.

Smart stock checking, driven by AI services, so you can see when you need to restock the shelves.

A voice-activated smart timer, so you'll have more devices to yell at when cooking! This one makes use of artificial intelligence (AI) to comprehend what you're saying to your IoT gadget. It provides spoken input and may operate in a variety of languages, translating on the fly.

Start creating with your Raspberry Pi. Please meet IoT For Beginners: A Curriculum without further ado!

Visit Here: https://github.com/microsoft/IoT-For-Beginners

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