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GatePi is a Four-Channel Relay with a LoRa Module Based on the RP2040 Processor

 GatePi is a low-power data transmission board having a CH340 USB-to-UART converter and a 74HC125V Voltage-Level Translator on board.

GatePi is a Four-Channel Relay with a LoRa Module Based on the RP2040 Processor

GatePi is a 4-channel relay built on the RP2040 with a LoRa module.

LoRa is a relatively young wireless technology with only a few years of experience. Its combination of long-range transmission capabilities and low-energy requirements makes it suitable for projects that must remain in place without access to power or regular battery changes (theoretically, up to several miles). The downside of LoRa is that it has a limited data capacity; it's better suited to short, periodic broadcasts than than real-time frequency. Receiving temperature changes from a remote sensor every few minutes, for example, is conceivable with LoRa; however, streaming a video feed is not.

LoRa is currently available in three different frequencies. For Asia, 433MHz has been set aside. Europe's and America's assigned frequencies are 868MHz and 915MHz, respectively. SX1268 and other LoRa Modules are the most frequent. The bulk of the IoT LoRa projects discussed here employ SX1262/68 chips.

  • The E22-400T22S1B is a wireless serial port module based on SEMTECH's SX1268 RF chip (UART).
  • The E22-900T22S is a wireless serial port module based on SEMTECH's SX1262 RF chip (UART).

As the technology's attractiveness grows beyond Europe to other continents, more LoRa ventures continue to emerge. Here are a few that caught our attention and demonstrate GatePi's capabilities.

The Pico LoRa expansion, the LoRa HAT for Raspberry Pi, the RangePi (Range-Pi "Plug and Play LoRaTM Dongle" based on Raspberry Pi RP2040), and now the GatePi 4-Channel Relay with LoRa Module based on RP2040 have all been launched by SB Components.

Introduction to GatePi

GatePi is a low-power data transmission board that includes an onboard CH340 USB TO UART converter, 74HC125V Voltage Level Translator, E22-400T22S/E22-900T22S SMA antenna connector that covers the 433/868/915 MHz frequency band, 4-Ch Relays, IPEX antenna connector, and LoRaTM Spread Spectrum Modulation technology with auto multi-level repeating. GatePi is a data transmission device with a serial port that can transfer data up to 5 kilometres.

The GatePi is a smart LoRa Relay Board that may be used to remotely control industrial and domestic devices. You may use the Remote Power Switch to control the power of external devices or appliances from afar. General gadgets, lights, irrigation systems, pumps, remote servers, towers, security system activation and deactivation, and gate and door access control are all examples of appliances.

The Remote Power Switch is communicated with using the built-in LoRa module. Simply upload the code, connect to your LoRa network, plug the Remote Power Switch into a power outlet, and plug your appliances into the Remote Power Switch via a Micro-USB connection.

SB Components is now offering a 20% discount on GatePi, as well as a free enclosure and free delivery. GatePi is sold all around the world by SB Components.

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