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Multi-Channel Relay Module IoTPi RP2040 Based IoT Board @Raspberry_Pi #RaspberryPi

 IoTPi RP2040 Internet of Things Board - IoTPi for Internet of Things Fans

Multi-Channel Relay Module IoTPi RP2040 Based IoT Board

The "IoTPi" multi-channel relay module board, which uses the Raspberry Pi microcontroller "RP2040," has gained traction on Kickstarter.

IoTPi is an industrial board designed for Internet of Things (IoT) applications. There are two versions available: a 4-channel version that can control up to 4 relays and a 6-channel version that can handle 6 relays. Both have optocoupler insulation and can safely control devices with high voltage and current.

It has an ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, an RS485 port, a micro USB port, a power port, an indicator, and a reset button. An AC/DC converter is included in the 4-channel version. The dimensions of both are 86 x 120.9 mm.

IoTPi RP2040 Based IoT Board

Multiple IoTPi's may be controlled wirelessly as clients using a Raspberry Pi, IoTPi, and smartphone as masters. For control, the specific programme "PiRelay" is utilised.

For all the 4-channel and 6-channel versions, the campaign price is GBP 35 with an ABS enclosure. For £ 60, you may acquire a package that comprises one 4-channel and one 6-channel version. The delivery is expected for June 2022, with a freight price of 16 pounds.

IoTPi is accepting donations until May 9, 2022. It has accumulated nearly 3,200 pounds as of April 20, 2022, more than six times the planned quantity of 500 pounds.

IoTPi specifications

  • Onboard AC to DC  converter so that you can directly connect 220V and it'll convert it to 5V.
  • It Also has a 2 Pin screw termincal for 5V power supply.
  • RS485 Communication Protocol "RS-485 is a duplex communication system in which multiple devices on the same bus can communicate in both directions. RS-485 is most often used as half-duplex, as shown in the figures above, with only a single communication line ('A' and 'B' as a pair)"
  • Isolated Power Supply
  • Reset & Boot Button
  • Additional GPIO Pins for connecting sensors or IO and more.
  • LEDs Relay Indicator

Currently IoTPi is available on Kickstarter you can buy IoTPi at £30 after kickstarter It'll be £47. 

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