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Automation Kit Powered By Raspberry Pi RP2040 with Secure Communication

The term "Automation" make everyone curious and wanted to hear more about automation, Nowadays everything we are trying to automate starts from our home, industries, cities, agricultural sector, and much more also there are several IoT hardware in the market that can automate any devices we want, but it’s not secure and it required internet connectivity, to face these problems Automation Kit has been introduced on Kickstarter.

 Automation kit is basically based on LoRa module and powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040 a 32-bit dual ARM Cortex-M0+ microcontroller which delivers smooth control over the kit and it can communicate up to 5KM range with secure communication & no need of internet to communicate and you can make "N" number of nodes through which you can control your devices around the city.

Automation Kit based on Lora & raspberry pi

 "What’s LoRa? - LoRa technology was developed by a company called Semtech and it is a new wireless protocol designed specifically for long-range, low-power communications. LoRa stands for Long Range Radio and is mainly targeted for M2M and IoT networks; LoRa is a method for transmitting radio signals that use a chirped, multi-symbol format to encode information. It is a proprietary system made by chip manufacturer Semtech"

 Automation kit is a combination of two devices LoRa USB Stick to easily connect with your computer and a LoRa Relay board which comes with high-quality relays AC-10A/250V 7 DC - 10A and it can manage high voltage devices the company behind the project SB Components offer 2 variants 4 channel Lora Relay Board for connecting 4 devices & 8 channel LoRa Relay board for communicating 8 appliances/devices. The Automation kit also comes in form of Raspberry Pi HAT.

 AI data readings, intelligent parking, tracking livestock, smart buildings, smart cities, smart billing, smart agricultural applications, and other uses are all possible with the Automation Kit. Its capability to send data packets over great distances without consuming a lot of power is what makes it so well-liked. It is hence effective for delivering little quantities of data to far-off devices.

Automation Kit Lora Based

 The Automation kit is currently available on Kickstarter price starting from £25 only and also they are offering many customizations which are affordable and start at £9 only.

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