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All New Raspberry Pi DIY Laptop Has Been Announced - LapPi Version 2.0

LapPi 2.0 has been announced with very cool features, The company behind the LapPi 2.0 SB Components has previously Launched LapPi Version 1 on Kickstarter which was successful and grabbed the attention of many electronics enthusiasts & Raspberry Pi lovers like I'm.

All New Raspberry Pi DIY Laptop Has Been Announced - LapPi Version 2.0

SB Components has teased LapPi Version 2.0 yesterday, revealing a few main highlights. LapPi version 2.0 will be a totally DIY Laptop which is pretty cool we're building a laptop it's going to attract many Electronic lovers who love DIY, Displays of LapPi Ver. 2.0 will be a high-resolution 7-inch display with touch compatibility which seems like the main highlight of LapPi version 2.0 after the company revealed that the keyboard on LapPi 2.0 will be detachable which gives us vibes of new generation touch laptops in the market. LapPi Version 2.0 uses Raspberry Pi Official high definition 8 mega-pixel camera with IMX219 sensor having 3280 × 2464 still picture resolution.

LapPi version 2.0 offers high-quality sound output to enjoy music, movies etc. also it offers long battery life with enhancing UPS power supply and it'll be compatible with all Raspberry Pi boards and also you can get space to attach more Raspberry Pi HATs.

LapPi Version 2.0 price and launch date have not been announced yet but you can check the official page and register yourself to get an early update for the LapPi Version 2.0 Launch. Stay updated for more information 

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