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Through the PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest, the community is pushed to produce the greatest PCBs.

 The PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest is a contest that is challenging the community to design the best PCBs for the given specifications.

The community is being challenged to create the best PCBs through the PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest.

PCBWay is a PCB design service provider with a focus on rapid PCB prototyping. They are the pioneers of the first-ever 5th PCB Design Contest. The contest has been running for the past two years and this year, it is going to be held from October 1st to October 31st.

The contest will take place in three stages:

  1. Project Release Time - 1st,Sep,2022 to 31th,Dec,2022
  2. Project Review Time - 1st, Jan 2023 to 31th, Jan 2023
  3. Result Announcement Time - 6th,Feb,2023

The PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest is a contest that takes place every year. Designers can submit their boards and get feedback on others’ designs.

The PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest is an annual event that takes place in the world of electronics design. This event invites designers to share their original board designs and receive feedback on them from other designers. The PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest is an international design contest for the best original PCB designs. The contest will be judged by professional engineers and designers from all over the world.

All of the designs submitted to this contest will be published on a public website for everyone to see and vote on. The top three winners of this contest will receive a cash prize, with the first place winner receiving $1500 USD, the second place $1000 USD and the third place $500 USD. The PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest is a yearly contest hosted by PCBWay.com, the world's largest online PCB fabrication service provider.

PCBWay 5th PCB Design Contest

The contest has been going on for five years and the company has seen some great success with it. They have generated over 1,000 designs from around the world in this time period and have awarded prizes worth over $150,000 to contestants.

PCBWay is a professional PCB design service provider.

The contest is open to all designers who are interested in the field of electronics and want to show their work to the industry. PCBWay is a leading PCB manufacturer and service provider, which offers one-stop PCB design, fabrication and assembly services.

The 5th PCB Design Contest is a worldwide event which aims to promote the latest PCB design technologies and provide a platform for PCB designers to demonstrate their skills. PCB designers who have the ability and passion for designing, as well as individuals from all over the world. The goal of this contest is to promote the latest PCB design technologies, provide a platform for talented individuals in this field, and inspire more people to join the industry.

PCBWay has the goal of helping designers build better and faster. With their 5th design contest, they are looking for top-level designs to create prototypes on their PCB prototyping service.

PCBWay is a PCB design service that can help designers prototype faster and with less effort. They are currently running their 5th design contest, with the goal of finding a good prototype for PCB prototyping services.

With this contest, they are looking for the next best and most innovative ideas that are available to help with their business.


The submission needs to be the original work of the individual and not a group effort.

Submission Guidelines:

The submission should be new or innovative ideas for making PCBWay better. All submissions should be in English language and need to be submitted before December 31st 2022. PCB design must be included in projects. To help judges better understand the project, we advise attaching all relevant papers (such as the BOM, schematics, code, 3D design file, etc.).

The 5th PCB Design Contest is accepting entries from now till December 31st, 2022. The design contest is open to all and the contestants can use any CAD tool they like. As a globally recognized PCB design service provider, PCBWay has been committed to providing the best technology and services for its customers worldwide.

In recent years, PCBWay has been paying more attention to the innovation of PCB design tools and services in order to meet the increasing demands of customers around the world.

The 5th Design Contest will judge PCBWay’s progress in this field, as well as provide a chance for new designers to show their talent and get feedback from experienced designers. The prize winnings are as follows:

·         The First Prize - 1 winner = $1500 Cash + $200 Coupon + Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-4GB *1

·         The Second Prize 2 winners = $1000 Cash + $100 Coupon + Raspberry Pi 4 Model B-2GB *1

·         The Third Prize 3 winners = $500 Cash  + $50 Coupon + Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 *1

Participate in the 5th PCBWay PCB Design Contest and let's explore the future together!

In this article, we will discuss the benefits of the PCBWay 5th PCB DesignContest. We will also talk about the importance of PCB schematic design.

So are you ready? Let's dive in!

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