Squary Has been Launched with Two variants SquaryPi & SquaryFi - An Raspberry Pi RP2040 & ESP12E Based LCD Displays

 We've got new hardware for the display & electronic enthusiasts, Squary has been introduced on Kickstarter. The Squary might be great hardware for people who wanted to explore its functionality like Smartwatch, and small displays with multifunctions, These tiny displays are built to perform several tasks, and also it can be used in many projects to display useful information and more. 


Squary has been launched by SB Components, who has previously launched Roundy which got successfully funded with a huge number of backers and also got attracted many electronics lovers, and the company behind this product SB Components used the same specs with different display sizes & shapes with few improvements and also they've added accelerometer which might a useful feature in this product. Squary comes with two variants SquaryPi & SqauryFi.

SquaryPi is powered by Raspberry Pi RP2040 microcontroller with a 1.54" LCD which gives clear Vivid Visuals using 65k RGB colors which gives an amazing display experience it can be used outdoors too as it is capable of 350 nits brightness with an accelerometer functionality.

SquaryFi is an ESP-12E-based square LCD display with a compact and appealing 1.54-inch display module with 240x240 pixels resolution and 350 nits brightness. This wi-fi device has 65K RGB colors, a clear and vivid presenting effect that opens many more possibilities to boost its engagement with all of your projects. To limit the number of IO pins required, SquaryFi incorporates an integrated GC9A01 Driver and SPI Interface.

These tiny square displays support almost every piece of hardware in the market. In comparison, the SquaryFi retains the same display but replaces the RP2040 with the Espressif ESP-12E, getting 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connectivity, also it has a GPIO pin at the board. 

Squary Has been Launched with Two variants SquaryPi & SquaryFi - An Raspberry Pi RP2040 & ESP12E Based LCD Displays

Both the SquaryPi and the SquaryFi are currently available for pre-order on Kickstarter, with prices starting at £23 for the SquaryPi and £25 for the SquaryFi, respectively. All rewards are planned to ship by February next year.  

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