LapPi 2.0, the DIY Laptop for Raspberry Pi 4 Enhance Your Raspberry Pi Experience

 A crowdfunding campaign for the LapPi 2.0, a build-it-yourself laptop kit based on the Raspberry Pi 4.0, was hinted at a few months ago by SB Components. Since the campaign is already live on Kickstarter, all the information we were unaware of in October has finally been made public.

LapPi 2.0, the DIY Laptop for Raspberry Pi 4 Enhance Your Raspberry Pi Experience

With the CrowPi L and Pi-Top, two Raspberry Pi laptops that we've seen over the years, the LapPi 2.0 isn't the most aesthetically beautiful or sophisticated design, but at least it's adaptable and not restricted to the Raspberry Pi family.

Although the LapPi 2.0 is available with the Raspberry Pi 4 board, the manufacturer stated that the device should work with other SBCs, such as the RockPi, Asus Tinker, etc.

lappi 2.0 campatible with SBCs, such as the RockPi, Asus Tinker, etc

With over £1,400 collected so far, the LapPi 2.0 Kickstarter campaign has already surpassed its 2,000 GBP objective. The unassembled kit's rewards start at around $244 US, and the assembled kit's rewards start at $269 US. The value proposition might not be there unless you absolutely need a portable DIY Raspberry Pi / SBC laptop kit and don't have time to construct it yourself, and that's without any SBC and you'd also need to add two 18650 batteries. Additionally, there are bundles that include a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC and raise the cost to above $300.

A pair of 5 Watt 8 Ohm speakers, a 7" capacitive touch screen LCD with 3.5mm audio connection, a tiny wireless keyboard, an 8 megapixel Raspberry Pi NOIR camera, and a UPS that can accommodate two 18650 batteries are all included in the LapPi 2.0.

In addition to the previously stated components, the kit comes with 2x Micro HDMI connectors, 1x HDMI flex cable, 1x Type-C power cable, and 1x Micro USB power cable. Up to 13 3mm thick acrylic panels, 2 hinges, 1 pack of screws, a protective box, 1 pack of screws, and standoffs are provided by the manufacturer in order to construct the LapPi 2.0 case.

Additionally, SB Components is selling add-ons that they have previously created, such as the RFID HAT, the PiCube, the PiRelay-V2, the PiTalk 4G Hat, and a few others.

The order form allows for the specification of a few additional colours in addition to clear acrylic panels. Recently, SB Components published a demo film on YouTube to give viewers a sense of the product's size and look.

An instruction manual will be made available once the Kickstarter campaign concludes, and shipping orders are anticipated to start arriving in March 2023, according to the Kickstarter website. The quoted price for the pledge that includes an RPi 4 (Model B, 2GB) is $315.

There are pledges that also include the 4GB and 8GB RAM Raspberry Pi 4 model B. Starting at $242.00, the pledge excludes the Raspberry Pi 4 board.

For an extra fee, there are additional pledges that send the LapPi 2.0 built. Check out the LapPi 2.0 campaign on Kickstarter for additional information on the many pledges that are offered.

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