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Using Laptop Keyboard for Raspberry Pi: What You Should Know

Raspberry PI is a pocket-sized PC that is used for handling simple to complex computing tasks. You can use the credit card size chip to browse the web as well as to learn python or other programming languages. 

Using Laptop Keyboard for Raspberry Pi: What You Should Know

Although Raspberry Pi is not used as a commercial product, users can try it out for a different experience. Connect a monitor, keyboard, and mouse with the chip, and you are all set to go. Don’t have a screen and a keyboard? How about using a laptop keyboard for Raspberry Pi and saving some money? 

And if you are wondering how to connect your laptop to Raspberry Pi, consider this article as your tutorial to do it properly. 

Why Connect Laptop to Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi requires a display, a keyboard, and a mouse. When you are on a professional tour, carrying everything from a screen to peripherals is not possible. However, the possibilities are that you’re carrying your laptop along. So, you can access data from the Raspberry Pi on your laptop screen, given that you’ve connected both devices properly. 

So, knowing how to connect a laptop to Raspberry Pi will give you access to a screen, keyboard, mouse, and everything else you need to use your microcomputer. To begin the process, you will need a laptop, Raspberry Pi, an Ethernet cable, a power adapter, and an SD card. 

Keep in mind that Raspberry Pi doesn’t have internal storage, so you need an SD or microSD card for storing data. This indicates that you can keep a small amount of data on the chip, so make sure to save important files only. Save data in lighter file formats such as Word files. When storing images, consider the fact that you can compress JPEG and other files to reduce their size. 

Let’s not move on to the process of connecting them if you will be using a laptop keyboard for Raspberry Pi. 

Setting Up Raspberry Pi

First things first, make sure you have an operating system available with you. Other than storing data, your SD card will be used as a device to boot OS, so ensure you have the copy of OS preinstalled on the card. Browse the web, and you will find a lot of tutorials on installing Raspbian on an SD card. Alternatively, buy an SD card with Raspbian or NOOBs preinstalled.

Next, insert the card into the appropriate slot on Raspberry Pi and connect it to the power adapter. Now, use an Ethernet cable to connect the laptop to the Raspberry Pi. You can now use the laptop with Raspberry Pi. 

Share Internet Over Ethernet

To be able to complete your work, you’d need access to the internet. Using your laptop internet on the Raspberry Pi will need you to connect the devices via Ethernet cable. To use the internet on both devices, navigate to Network and Sharing Center and click on the WiFi network. Next, click properties, and go to Sharing. 

Tap “Allow other network users to connect” and check if the network connection has switched to Raspberry Pi. In most cases, you will also see the network connection named Ethernet, which is also fine.

Once the laptop and Raspberry Pi are connected to the internet, the next step is finding IP tweaking PuTTY configurations. Be aware that your laptop will provide dynamic IP to the Raspberry Pi by default. Also, you need to note down the IP address and subnet mask both devices are running on. 

You need to provide this IP address at the time of configuring PuTTY and the third-party software program (VNC Server, for example) that you are using to establish a connection between the laptop and Raspberry Pi. After tweaking the configuration settings successfully, it’s time to connect Raspberry Pi to VNC Server and VNC Viewer on the laptop.  

Why Raspberry Pi?

The Linux-operated small computer has gained traction due to its low cost. The compact design makes it portable, and you can carry it everywhere without having to worry about weight. Being a pocket-size PC, it plugs easily into a monitor or a TV, and you can use it for viewing images, browsing the web, or accessing business data. 

The Raspberry Pi has the potential to interact with the tech world. This innovative device is used on a large scale in an array of projects ranging from weather stations to music machines to infrared cameras. So, no matter what profession you are into, using Raspberry Pi for various computing tasks is worthwhile. 

The Conclusion 

Setting up a connection between a laptop and Raspberry Pi is quite a time-consuming and complex procedure. You need to have the sound technical knowledge to follow the entire process carefully. Make sure to learn and read a few tutorials to understand each step in detail and perform it without any errors.

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