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Create projects and distribute them around the PCBWay community

The open-source movement is sweeping the globe and has, in some ways, elevated our way of life in recent years. One excellent illustration of a successful open-source project is Arduino. The moment is frequently right to give back to the community since we all benefit from it. You can achieve it using PCBWay.com! Share your open-source electrical project with a group interested in finding out how enjoyable and abundant fiddling with electronics and gadgets is.

Create projects and distribute them around the PCBWay community

The Introduction of PCBWay

A company in China with more than ten years of experience, PCBWay.com specialises in PCB assembly, small-volume manufacturing, and PCB prototyping all under one roof. They provide inexpensive PCBs with a quick turnaround. For daily work and study, thousands of engineers, students, and hobbyists create PCBs.

When you create an open-source PCB design and place an order with PCBWay, if you're interested, you can also choose to share your project with the public. This will encourage people to purchase your PCB rather than redesign it, and PCBWay will pay you a commission of 10% of the total PCB value for each board they sell. You'll make a fortune if your idea is successful and popular! Additionally, there are different ways to sell your products by posting them on various social media.

The PCBWay community has established PCB Project Share to foster community growth and promote the exchange of knowledge and best practices.

How to Exchange Projects in the Community of PCBWay

Two strategies for project sharing:

Ssshhhhh... Secret For You

You will receive a 10% commission on each order when others place their orders using the Gerber files you have shared with the PCBWay community. Your PCBWay account will get the commission, which you can opt to withdraw or not.

Additionally, by uploading BOM files, you may obtain beans. In the PCBWay shop, beans can be exchanged for a variety of modules.

Enjoy & Share if you like it...

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