Arduino releases a development board kit for kids called "Make Your UNO."

 The Maker Your UNO Kit, created to educate electronics from scratch, progresses from unassembled through-hole components through a UNO and synthesizer.

Arduino releases a development board kit for kids called Make Your UNO.

The Make Your UNO Kit from Arduino teaches the fundamentals of electronics by having you construct your own Arduino UNO board from through-hole components. It is another new product for fans of the company's iconic UNO board design, and it is a little more hands-on than the company's usual offerings.

This past weekend, Arduino unveiled its newest product at the Maker Faire Rome. The company said, "Learn the fundamentals of electronics by assembling your Arduino UNO, become familiar with soldering by mounting every single component, and then unleash your creativity with the only kit that becomes a synth."

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A popular development board for individuals entering the Arduino ecosystem is the company's classic UNO board, which was introduced as a replacement for the Duemilanove. With the debut of the limited-edition Arduino UNO Mini last year, the firm commemorated the achievement of shipping over 10 million devices since its inception.

But the Make Your UNO Kit is something else entirely. With the exception of a DIP-packaged microcontroller in a socket, all of the surface-mount technology (SMT) components in the conventional UNO architecture are factory-soldered. However, the Make Your UNO version changes to through-hole technology (SMT) as it is a gadget that you assemble piece by piece.

Although it isn't the first through-hole Arduino UNO compatible to reach the market, it is the first Arduino-branded product. It is also sold as an instructional kit, which includes instructions for constructing the UNO board as well as enough parts to make a variety of projects, the culmination of which is a homemade musical synthesiser.

Although the kit's price has been revealed $58.50 by Arduino, and currently available you can buy it from official Arduino website.

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