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Free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five devices are now available from Canonical.

 Ubuntu Pro's high-security maintenance and compliance subscription for workstations and data centres are now accessible in a public beta. In keeping with the company's dedication to the community and goal of making open source more accessible, Canonical will provide a free tier for personal and small-scale business use.

Free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions for up to five devices are now available from Canonical.

Our corporate clients have requested that we cover a growing portion of the larger open-source ecosystem via private commercial agreements ever since we first announced Ubuntu LTS, which offers five years of free security coverage for the primary OS. With a free personal Ubuntu Pro membership, we are thrilled to provide the results of all of that labour to everyone in the world today, without payment," stated Mark Shuttleworth, CEO of Canonical.

Thousands of applications and toolchains, including Ansible, Apache Tomcat, Apache Zookeeper, Docker, Drupal, Nagios, Node.js, phpMyAdmin, Puppet, PowerDNS, Python 2, Redis, Rust, WordPress, and more, are covered by Ubuntu Pro's security coverage for critical, high, and medium Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

From Ubuntu LTS 16.04 forward, Ubuntu Pro is available. It is now being produced for significant clients that offer international services.

Derry Cheng, Product Manager for Compute Engine, stated that Google and Canonical have worked together for the past ten years to encourage the use of open-source technologies. "Together, we assist businesses to improve the security and compliance for their production workloads by delivering Ubuntu Pro on Google Compute Engine."

Free trial is offered for both new and existing clients

For new corporate clients, Ubuntu Pro is also offered a 30-day free trial. Paid plans cost $25 annually for workstations and $500 annually for servers. Ubuntu Pro costs around 3.5% of the typical base computing cost on public clouds. Businesses may select the amount of care they require by adding more services, such as 24-hour assistance, as needed. You may find all price information at ubuntu.com/pricing/pro.

Canonical is also happy to provide existing Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure customers with a free trial of the new full Ubuntu Pro application security maintenance service up until the end of their current contract (Ubuntu Advantage for Infrastructure is now Ubuntu Pro (Infra-only), with or without support).

Users may get a free personal Ubuntu Pro membership for up to five devices at ubuntu.com/pro.

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