Both 1.54 and 2.7 inch Raspberry Pi E Paper HATs are available.

  The E Paper HAT, which is available in 1.54 and 2.7 inch sizes, is a new Raspberry Pi HAT E-Ink display that may be of interest to Raspberry Pi fans looking for a low-power E-Ink display for their next project. The Raspberry Pi HAT has a resolution of 200 × 200 pixels or 264 x 176 pixels, depending on the model you choose.

The screens, which employ Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display (AMEPD) technology, may show black-and-white or black-white-red patterns. Furthermore, once an image has been displayed on the screen, it will remain visible even if the display's power is turned off, making it an excellent power-saving option for a number of applications.

E-Ink display for Raspberry Pi HAT

Early bird pledges for the intriguing project are currently available for either $16 or £12 (depending on current currency rates), representing a significant reduction of nearly 52% off the retail price, while the Kickstarter crowd fundraising campaign is still underway.

E-Ink display for Raspberry Pi HAT

Worldwide distribution is planned to begin in March 2022, assuming the Raspberry Pi crowd funding campaign meets its pledge target and fulfilment goes well. Watch the promotional video below to learn more about the Raspberry Pi E-Ink display HAT project.

Visit the official crowd funding campaign for a comprehensive overview of all available pledge levels, stretch goals, supplementary media, and engineering details for the E-Ink display HAT.

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